Koke-no-sato: Forest of Wisdom

Posted on 14/08/2015

Cedar trees in Koke-no-sato Photo: Komatsu City Tourism Association

Moss garden in Koke-no-sato Photo: Komatsu City Tourism Association

Hiyou town, part of Komatsu city, Ishikawa prefecture, is a tourist spot whose main attractions are the “Forest of Wisdom” (also known as Koke-no-sato, meaning Moss Village) and “Wisdom House.”


The Forest of Wisdom is one of the best places in Japan to see an abundance of different types of moss, and is held in high esteem by visitors from both Japan and overseas. A guide will take you around to explain its nature and lifestyle as you appreciate the open area in the forest village, including the moss green garden and shrine surrounded by beautiful cedar trees.


The Wisdom House is a refurbished 100-year-old folk house, built using local timbers. It is used for groups of travellers to have a break, and also for learning experiences, international exchanges, conferences, weddings, and as a location for filming. You begin exploring the “Forest of Wisdom” accompanied by a guide. The guide will explain which areas you are permitted to enter and following this you are able to explore on your own without the guide. Visitors are asked to pay 500 yen per person (250 yen for students under 18) for the environment maintenance cooperation fee. For both individual and group visitors, guides are available at 10 am and 2:30 pm. (At times when a guide is not in attendance you are able to stroll around unaccompanied.)

How to get to Koke-no-sato from Kanazawa

Take the Thunderbird or other express trains from Kanazawa to Komatsu and then take a taxi to Koke-no-sato in Hiyo-machi. It takes 15 minutes from Kanazawa to Komatsu and 20 minutes by taxi to Koke-no-sato. JR Passes are valid on the Thunderbird and on other express trains from Kanazawa to Komatsu.