Getting around Kanazawa

The city of Kanazawa is compact and is easily explored on foot, by bus, or bicycle.

By bus

The Kanazawa Loop Bus operated by Hokuriku Rail Road provides an easy and no-fuss way to get to and from Kanazawa station. The network consists of two routes:

Kanazawa has an extensive network of bus services. The main bus operator for Kanazawa is Hokuriku Rail Road, which runs services across Kanazawa and to all surrounding areas.

Right Loop Route (RL) from stop 7 of East Gate Bus Terminal at Kanazawa Station: Hashiba-cho, Kenrokumoto-machi, Kenrokuen Garden/Kanazawa Castle Park, Kata-machi, Korinbo, Minami-cho/Oyama Jinja Shrine, Musashigatsuji/Omi-cho Market to Kanazawa Station.


Left Loop Route (LL) from stop 7 of East Gate Bus Terminal at Kanazawa Station: Musashigatsuji/Omi-cho Market, Mimami-cho/Oyama Jinja Shrine, Korinbo, Kata-machi, Hirosaka/21st Century Museum, Kenrokuen Garden/Kanazawa Castle Park, Hashiba-cho to Kanazawa Station.


The Kanazawa Loop Bus runs every 15 minutes between 08.35 and 18:05. A single bus fare costs ¥200. Find the bus map and timetables here.

Hokuriku Rail Road also operates the Kenrokuen Shuttle between Kanazawa Station (stop 7 of East Gate Bus Terminal) and Kenrokuen Garden through Omi-cho Market and the 21st Century Museum. The Kenrokuen Shuttle runs every 20 minutes between 09:30 and 17:50. The one-day bus pass is valid on these services. 


A one-day bus pass is the perfect and hassle-free way to get around Kanazawa. You can buy a ¥500 one-day pass for unlimited bus travel, including the Kanazawa Loop Bus and Kenrokuen Shuttle. It’s available from Hokutetsu Bus Ticket Center, opposite stop 1 of East Gate Bus Terminal at Kanazawa station. 

By bicycle

Cycling is a great way to see the wonderful scenery and distinctive character of Kanazawa. Why not try Machi-nori Cycles? Machi-nori (Town-ride) Cycles is Kanazawa’s self-service bike-sharing scheme, right in the city center. You can hire a bike from as little as ¥200. Simply go to any of the 19 docking stations with your credit card and touch the screen to get started. Find more information here.