“Bokash-zome” is a technique in the coloring process whereby a cloth is dyed unevenly in different shades. “Sanshoku Bokashi” (three-colored dyeing gradation) is a way to express the beauty of nature, such as autumn-coloured leaves. The “Mushikui” (literally meaning “eaten by bugs”) technique uses bug-bitten leaves to add a subtle beauty as an accent.

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Photo:Ishikawa Prefecture

Kaga Yuzen is a pattern-dyeing technique based on the five different colors of “Kaga Gosai”: crimson, indigo, yellow ochre, grass green and ancient purple. These colors look darker than those used in Kyoto Yuzen (Kyoto-style Yuzen). They are realistic designs created with a calm and quaint touch. Instead of using embroideries or stamps, the techniques of “Bokashi” (graduation) and “Mushikui” (bug bite) are applied to add accents. While the graduation technique of Kyoto Yuzen goes from the inside to the outside, that of Kaga Yuzen goes from the outside to the inside.