Event details: 
Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Festival

Date: To be confirmed for 2016

Time: 9:00 - 21:00

Address: Various venues including Kanazawa Castle Park, 1-1 Marunouchi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa

Post code: 920-0937

Admission: Free

Closest bus stop: Kenrokuenshita (兼六園下)


Date: To be confirmed for 2016

Kanazawa Hyakuman-goku Festival takes place in memory of the great deeds carried out by Lord Maeda Toshiie, founder of the Kaga domain. Toshiie moved to Kanazawa Castle on June 14th, 1583 and built the foundation of Kanazawa. The festival’s main event is the Hyakuman-goku parade. It is a vibrant procession of people in historical costumes which takes place over four hours and showcases the tradition and culture of the castle town of Kanazawa. The parade starts from the East Gate of Kanazawa station and continues to Kanazawa Castle Park.

Hyakuman-goku means “one million koku of rice”, which symbolises the wealth of the Kaga domain. One koku was the quantity of rice that could feed one person for one year.

Departure ceremony of the Hyakuman-goku parade 

The departure ceremony of the Hyakuman-goku festival is performed in front of Tsuzumi-mon gate at the east square of Kanazawa station. The elegant Hyakuman-goku dance and powerful Japanese drum performances ring up the curtain on the Hyakuman-goku parade.


The four-hour pageant finishes with the celebration of entering the castle at Sanno-maru square in Kanazawa Castle Park. Dynamic performances include the Kaga Shishimai (Japanese lion dance) and the Kaga-tobi ladder climbing. The parade comes to an emotional finale when an actor dressed as Lord Maeda Toshiie enters the castle to meet Omatsu-no-kata (Toshiie’s wife), followed by his warriors cheering for winning the battle.