Famous patissier’s sweets at Kanazawa station   

Posted on 01/07/2015

After we had thoroughly enjoyed the stroll in Kanazawa, we went back to Tsuzumi-mon Gate at Kanazawa station. The busiest station with the opening of the Hokuriku bullet train railway line now has a shopping mall, ‘Hyakuban-gai’. The mall has a variety of shops offering Kanazawa souvenirs, books, and clothing, etc. as well as restaurants and cafés. Even just having a look around the mall, time passes so quickly and you could easily spend half a day there.


The shop I most wanted to go in was Hironobu Tsujiguchi’s sweet shop. He is a famous patissier from Nanao city, Kanazawa’s neighboring city in Ishikawa prefecture. He has now become a world-famous patissier but he is from a family of Japanese confectionary store owners in Nanao. He mostly works at ‘Mont St Clair’, one of his shops in Tokyo, but this one is his local shop. When we went there, there was a seasonal limited sweet for sale, ‘Yukizuri Ichigo’. I always thought the word yukizuri (Kanazawa’s tradition: a set of ropes to protect trees from heavy snow) was pronounced ‘yuki-tsuri’ but I found the local people pronounce it ‘yuki-zuri’, which sounds the same as another word, ‘yukizuri’, meaning ‘passing-by’ in Japanese… Anyway, I was also interested in the golden cream puff, topped with small pieces of gold leaf but we decided to buy Yukizuri Ichigo. For dinner we wanted to try some Ekiben (railway boxed meal) so we walked around the Ekiben section which was full of colorful boxed meals. We didn’t try any local cuisine during this trip so I chose ‘Shun-ka Shun-sai’ at Otomoro, Kanazawa’s famous Ekiben stall. Jibu-ni (Kanazawa’s famous speciality cuisine) was not included but it was a gorgeous Ekiben with local seasonal ingredients. For dessert, we enjoyed Yukizuri Ichigo with a crunchy texture and the sourness of strawberries and mild sweetness all working together in harmony. It was just a short two-day trip but I was able to enjoy the Kanazawa of my old memories.