Opening hours: 11:30-14:00 (Last order at 14:00) and 17:30-23:00 (Last order at 21:30)

Address: Hotel Trusty Kanazawa, 1-2-16 Korinbo, Kanazawa, Ishikawa

Post code: 920-0961

Closest bus stop: Korinbo


Amazingly tender Japanese beef at Rin-tei in Korinbo

Posted on 01/07/2015

We had dinner at Rin-tei in the ground floor of Hotel Trusty, located on the main street of Korinbo. As we came in, in the café-bar corner at the front was full of people enjoying a sort of wine tasting session, but the restaurant space at the backside was almost empty, as if all the space was almost for ourselves. Today’s chef was a lady from Nagoya, who came to Kanazawa on her job transfer. Here, with Teppanyaki style (cooking on the hot iron plate) in front of you, the chef had a nice smile on her face, we had a pleasant conversation that made our dinner time more enjoyable.


For the appetiser, she prepared a small dish that wasn’t on the course menu - the beef pate, sided by finely-chopped butterbur sprout tossed with flavored miso, with some chicory on top. It was beautiful on a stylish plate, and the taste was excellent, that made my anticipation for the following dishes grow. The second appetiser was tartar of yellow fin tuna and oval squid, with a stick of baby corn that had crunchy texture adding an accent to the dish. Fresh and chewy oval squid also tastes marvellous. Following starter was steamed sea eel with some flesh of pickled plum. It actually reminded me of that it had been already in the season of sea eel. Last year I had it in Kyoto, but this was the first time in this year. It was followed by the soup full of the essence of deep-water shrimp, sided with a biscuit-pie stick. The soup had the taste full of original sweetness from the shrimp and the pie stick was stylish too.


Today’s main dish was sirloin steak of Wagyu Kuroge washu (Japanese breed of black beef). It was amazingly thick, but really tender and in the class of its best. For the meat, I could select some different dips of seasoning from the list: Italian rock salt, spicy daikon (Japanese raddish), Soy sauce base dip sauce, miso and flesh of pickled plum, and salt finely-chopped green perilla – it was so hard to choose which I should go for. As the second main offered the choice between garlic rice and spicy curry with rice, I went for spicy curry with rice. The shef warned me the curry is rather hot, but actually it was absolutely fine. I could taste different kinds of spices used in the burry, but it was not as much spicy as I expected. It was probably about the same spiciness as ordinary mid-spicy curry. I was totally satisfied with its profound flavour that came from the fusion of different spices. Finally, the desert was pineapple sorbet with season’s fruits. With the spicy stimulation still remained in my mouth, this sorbet was timed quite nicely to come, and fixed the condition in my mouth. You might think we should’ve tried the local Kaga cuisine in Kanazawa but we were happy choosing the restaurant.


After dinner, we headed to our hotel by the Kanazawa Loop Bus, again. We stayed at APA Hotel Kanazawa-ekimae, just 1 minute walk from West Gate of Kanazawa station. Although the hotel is relatively cheap, the room was very clean and we had a comfortable stay. APA is a Japanese hotel chain run by a famous female director from Kanazawa. The hotel chain has expanded nationwide and their hotels are always in good locations despite their low prices so if you have problem choosing a hotel anywhere Japan, APA is a safe option.