Shopping at Kanazawa Hyakuban-gai

Posted on 01/07/2015

After collecting our luggage from the hotel, we went to Kanazawa station a bit early as I wanted to go to Hyakuban-gai, a big shopping mall on the station concourse. On the right-hand side of the East Gate of the station, the Rinto area has lots of boutiques, shoe shops, general stores, bookshops, and cafes. I popped into German Bakery, a popular local bakery in Kanazawa. The bread tasted so-so but the shop was packed because the price is reasonable and it’s handy for the station.


We then walked to the “Anto” area, which sells a huge variety of Kanazawa souvenirs. This area is often introduced in magazines and on TV. You can find it on the left side of the concourse near the ticket gates for the Sinkansen train. You could spend a whole day browsing Kanazawa’s sweets and goods. There are also restaurants in this area. Just by the entrance, we found Shiba-zushi, Kanazawa’s local sushi shop, which brought back memories. I lived in Fukui and Toyama, Kanazawa’s neighboring cities, for three years when I was a kid and we would often buy sushi from this shop. (Basically, my mum would get takeaway sushi from the shop when she couldn’t be bothered to cook.) I visited Toyama about four years ago for the first time since I moved back to Tokyo and I was so pleased to find Shiba-zushi there and at the same time I was surprised with myself for remembering the name of the shop. We hadn’t bought anything for dinner so we decided to buy small packed meals from there. They had such a big selection of packed meals! After some last-minute shopping at Anto, we said goodbye to Kanazawa and headed back to Tokyo by Shinkansen. I had come to Kanazawa before but I was only little so this was practically my first visit. I thoroughly enjoyed the two-day trip and I especially loved all the food, 120 percent thumbs-up! I couldn’t stop wondering why the food was so delicious.