YUGAO-TEI (Moonflower Teahouse)

Yugao-tei is a tea ceremony house which was built in 1774. The main room, despite appearing rather small, is still able to operate a full tea ceremony. The name Yugao-tei comes from an ornamental Yugao (moonflower) design carved on the wall of the house.

Posted on 01/07/2015

SHIGURE-TEI (Teahouse of early winter shower)

The biggest black pine tree in Kenrokuen. Prior to the start of winter, Yukizuri (snow- protection covering) is carried out in order to prevent the branches breaking under the weight of the snow. Kenrokuen’s seasonal traditions combine to create elegant winter scenery, the likes of which are not seen anywhere else.


(Kotoji Stone Lantern)

The biggest pond, located in the middle of Kenrokuen, is 5,800 square meters in size and has a depth of 1.5 meters.

Standing on the north side of Kasumiga-Ike (Misty pond), Kotoji-Toro is one of the most iconic sights in Kenrokuen. The stone lantern has two legs which are said to resemble the bridge on a koto, a Japanese stringed musical instrument.

MIDORI-TAKI (Feicui Waterfall)

Midori-taki is a waterfall, 6.6 m in height and 1.6 m in width, on the opposite shore from the Yugao-tei teahouse. The roaring waterfall is a delight for the eyes and ears and the grand view it offers is considered one of the best in Kenrokuen.

Observation deck

Visit the observation deck to enjoy the view of the Hakusan mountain range and Mt Utatsu over the city of Kanazawa. In the distance you can see the plains of Kaga area, Kahoku lagoon, Uchinada dune, Noto peninsula and even the Sea of Japan.  

KASUMIGA-IKE (Misty Pond) 

KARASAKI-MATSU (Karasaki Pine)

The original teahouse was built when the 5th Lord of the Kaga domain, Maeda Tsunanori, began constructing Kenrokuen. Sadly, it was removed when the Kaga domain was abolished. The current teahouse was built in 2000 and you can enjoy Match (green powdered tea) and Sencha (green tea). 

Kenrokuen Garden

Opening hours: 7:00 - 18:00 from March 1 to October 15, 8:00 - 17:00 from October 16 to February 28 

Address: 1 Kenrokumachi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa

Post code: 920-0936

Admission: Adult 310 yen, child 100 yen

Closest bus stop: Kenrokuenshita (兼六園下)

Photo: Kanazawa City

Photo: Kanazawa City

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