“Kanazawa Castle Projection Mapping 2015” was held at Sanno-maru square in Kanazawa Castle Park on May 3. Projection Mapping is a synchronized projection technique combining light and sound. Projection mapping, created by turning real-life objects (in this case Kanazawa Castle) into a display surface for video projection, has captured a lot of attention around the world. Images and computer graphics are not projected onto a flat screen but are instead projected onto things such as buildings, furniture, or patterned indented surfaces. It is a fantastical and illusory picture expression, made by the movement and changing of the images. Objects start to look like they are moving, changing shape, and even glowing by themselves. This is the second time that Kanazawa Castle has been used for an exhibition of projection mapping, following the first one in October 2014. Some of the largest images ever projected in Japan (140 meters wide) were shown on the Hishi Yagura (diamond-shaped turret), Gojikken Nagaya (row house), and Hashizume-mon Tsuzuki-yagura (linking turret). This spatial kinetic art form attracted a large audience who wanted to experience the latest technology and powerful expression.


Watch a behind-the-scenes video of the 150-day countdown event for the opening of the Hokurinku Shinkansen.


Posted on 10/07/2015

Photo: Kanazawa City