Seisonkaku Villa

Opening hours: 09:00- 17:00 (Last entry is at 16:30)

Closed: Wednesday (closed on Thursday if Wednesday is a national holiday), New Year holiday (from 29 December to 2 January)

Address: 1-2 Kenrokumachi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa

Post code: 920-0936

Admission: Adults 700 yen, High school & Junior high school students 300 yen, children 250yen

Closest bus stop: Dewamachi (出羽町)


Maeda Nariyasu, 13th lord of the Kaga clan, built Seisonkaku as a retirement home for his mother Shinryuin in a corner of Kenrokuen garden. It is a large, two-story building in the Yosemune zukuri (hipped roof) style, covered with a roof of kokerabuki (roof covering made of wooden shingle). The ground floor is built in the Shoin-zukuri (Japanese traditional architecture) style and the first floor is in the Sukiya-fu Shoin-zukuri (Sukiya-type Shoin Zukuri) style. Seisonkaku is listed as one of Japan’s important cultural properties and is one of the few buildings in Japan to feature the possessions of a daimyo family in their original surroundings. A type of the Hokuriku bullet train, ‘Kagayaki,’ has been running since March 2015, and the interior of its Green carriage (First Class) features an image of ‘Gunjou no Ma’ (ultramarine room) at Seisonkaku.


Special Exhibition: ‘Maeda clan’s legacy, Summer Costume and Furnishing Goods’

Date: Thursday 2nd July to Monday 28th September, 2015

Many of the costumes belonging to the Maeda clan’s princesses remain at Seisonkaku. Unlined kimono owned by aristocrats and a Princess of the Shogunate family feature elaborate and sophisticated stitching techniques using gold and silver threads.