Try on Kaga-Yuzen Kimono at Kureha

Posted on 21/07/2015


Address: 1-24-3 Higashiyama, Kanazawa, Ishikawa

Post code: 920-0831

Closest bus stop: Hashiba-cho

Kureha is a sister shop of Eritora, a long-established kimono shop in Kanazawa. Kimono rental is available for tourists at Kureha. Why not go for a walk in Higashi-chaya district wearing gorgeous Kaga Yuzen kimono?


Select your favorite from a choice of over ten Kaga Yuzen kimono, each one with a different design. After getting dressed up, go for a walk around Higashi-chaya district. There are also kimono accessories available for use. This experience is only available inside of the store during summer.

Age: Over 12 years old

Maximum number of people: 10

Prices: To go for a walk outside is 5,000 yen, to wear only inside of the store is 4,000 yen

Time required: 60 – 120 mins (including fitting time of 30 mins)

Advance booking is required.